SUMMARY: Optical disk errors

From: Susan Thielen (
Date: Thu Feb 09 1995 - 02:54:12 CST

Thanks to everyone for their responses to my question. I even got a
previous summary, which really does answer my question completely.
I must have missed it when I was away on leave..

The question was read/write magneto-optical disks that started to
exhibit bad blocks. I've included the original post as an attachment.

The prognosis is basically this, keep the unit clean, clean it
often, clean the filter, and don't leave your disks in for long
periods of time. Many thanks to

"Henry Katz" <>
Bill Duncan <>
Geoff Mellor <>
Glenn Carver <>
Martin Oakes <>
Phil Antoine <antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU>
Phil Burg <>
Stanier A M <> (Bruce L. Harrell) (John Hearns - System Manager)

Original Message

>From Fri Jan 13 03:58:34 1995
>From: "Susan Thielen" <>
>Date: Thu, 12 Jan 95 10:34:19 EST
>Subject: Optical disk errors
>We have a Sony 650 meg read/write magneto-optical disk here at the
>lab that has started giving me the heebie jeebies these days. The
>disks we have are starting to cause me grief and anguish. Yes, that's
>right, we are getting bad blocks on these disks.
>We have started getting messages such as
>find / -name .nfs\* -mtime +7 -exec rm -f {} \; -o -fstype nfs -prune
>produced the following output:
>find: cannot stat /mimas/optical/craigj/Epic/3DFSE53: I/O error
>When I try to ls down to the directory /mimas/optical/craigj/Epic
>I get the following messages to my console.
>Jan 12 10:23:25 mimas vmunix: sd3d: Vendor 'SONY' error code: 0x11
>Jan 12 10:23:26 mimas vmunix: sd3d: Error for command 'read'
>Jan 12 10:23:26 mimas vmunix: sd3d: Error Level: Fatal
>Jan 12 10:23:26 mimas vmunix: sd3d: Block 210688, Absolute Block: 210688
>Jan 12 10:23:26 mimas vmunix: sd3d: Sense Key: Media Error
>Jan 12 10:23:26 mimas vmunix: sd3d: Vendor 'SONY' error code: 0x11
>I've thought of using format to repair the disk, but I get the following.
>format> repair 210688
>Current Defect List must be initialized.
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