SUMMARY: Enable async nfs on 2.4...?

From: Gavin Maltby (
Date: Thu Feb 09 1995 - 10:45:12 CST (Gavin Maltby) wrote:
> Hi,
> How can I enable asynchronous nfs writes on 2.4? I
> can't decide which kernel symbol to fiddle with and can't
> find this in any faq (only for Solaris 1).
> I know about the dangers of doing this. I want to see how
> it behaves when used with a logged filesystem.

The answer to this one was that there is no way to
do it from /etc/system and that I'd have to find the
sync write area of the kernel and modify that with
adb. No suggestions where to start...
Maybe I'll examone the PrestoServe stuff more closely.



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