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Date: Thu Feb 09 1995 - 04:43:04 CST

Here's the summary to my original query.

My Current Setup:
        - Callback Modems connected to an Annex Terminal Server
          with security software controlling user passwords
          and telephone Nos.
        - PCNFS running SLIP (Currently at 9600 baud).
        - Reflection-X (X-Windows emulation for PC).

My Question:
        How can I get PCNFS to use SLIP at speeds higher than 9600 ?
        Request for availability of other software that will do the same
        thing at higher speeds.

Thanks to the following:
        Dave Fetrow <>
        Dave Brillhart" <>
        Michael G. Harrington
        Richard Green
        Brett Lymn
        Daniel Trejo-Medina
        John Ciesla csadmin!
        And Anyone else you replied to my query.

I tried a few of the sugestions. Some of them required a lot
of attention and some were simple and easy to install.


- Chameleon Sampler. (I beleive this is a commercial product).
        This package (stripped SLIP version) came with
        Navigating the Internet book I purchased recently.
        Installation was simple, connected Fine first time and
        reflection-X (X-Windows Emulation) worked ok.
        Max speed was limited to 19200.

- PC-NFS patch recomendation (bug Id: 1096614) -
                I had all-ready tried the suggested patch but could not get it working.
                com38k changed the com port to 38k ok, but when I used
                <connect -i -a> to connect on to the Annex Terminal server
                the modem (AutoDetectDTE = Auto) was reverting to 9600.
                Prior to issuing the <connect> command I tested the rs232 port and
                was working ok at 38k.
        QUESTION: Did anyone get this patch working ? If yes, I would like to here
                                more about it.
- Trumpet Winsock PPP or SLIP. (Richard Green)
                I use Trumpet (Winsock) PPP (or SLIP) to connect to an annex terminal server
                then to the Sun. Connecting direct to the Sun should be no different.
                Trumpet supports higher speeds and is available from lots of ftp sites eg:

      , etc

                Hope this helps.

        COMMENTS: trumpet installed succesfully at 38.4K But I could not get my X-Windows
                          package (Reflection-X) to talk to it.

- Other sugestions:
        - PPP cookbook @ (Dave Brillhart)
                I run PPP with a pair of 28.8K modems with a data rate of 38,400bps.
                It works GREAT.

          COMMENTS: Did not get time to try this.

        - SLIP packet drivers (Dave Fetrow) :
          The SLIP packet drivers can go much faster and Geoff Arnold
          (who is officially THE guy at Sun for PC-NFS) wrote an unofficial
          packet driver shim to allow PC-NFS to use packet drivers.

           Example setup files are available from:


         COMMENTS: tried to get copy of this driver but could not find it on

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