SUMMARY: Installing Solaris 2.4 from Install Server

From: Frode Stromsvag (
Date: Thu Feb 09 1995 - 02:31:08 CST

My original question is at the bottom.

All you people that are going to set up an install server or boot server
on any SunOS 4.x machines need to be careful. You must install
the patch contained in the compressed archive HSFS.TAR.Z on the cdrom,
first. Otherwise you turn into problems like I described in my
original question.

This patch fixes a bug in the 4.x filesystem that gave wrong symbolic
links. On the CDROM you will see that


is a link to


, but if you run 'setup_install_server' without having applied the
patch first, you'll see that the link points to


which is wrong.

Some people had turned into exactly the same problem. I hope they read
this and get their installation done.

Some people said 'boot net - install' would do the trick. This is
the command to use if you have set up a boot server (needed when the
install server is on another subnet), but for my scenario 'install net'
should be sufficient.

I'm sorry for the late summary. Thanks to

Phillip Dale

who had the solution. Also thanks to

Paulo Licio de Geus
Pamela Pledger pamela@jupiter.Legato.COM
Juergen Peus
Thomas No-Mass White

----- Original Question -----

I've setup an install server (running SunOS 4.1.3) like this:

- The 2.4 cdrom is mounted and exported on host1
- mount the cdrom-dir on the install server
- create an install directory in the install server
- cd /cdrom
- ./setup_install_server <install-dir>
- ./add_install_client -e <client-ethernetaddr> -i <client-IPaddr> <client-hostname> <client-arch>

All this according to the book (I believe).

My client is a SS2 on the same net. No NIS/NIS+, and no DNS.

When running 'boot net' I get a message that /etc/init can't be executed.
When looking at <install-dir>/export/exec/kvm/sparc.sun4c.Solaris_2.4/etc/init
I find it is a link to ./inet/inetd.conf

IS THIS CORRECT? inetd.conf is a config-file not a script!

I look at init on a Solaris 2.3 host which shows it is a link to

I modify the server's ....../etc/init so that it links to ../sbin/init
instead. Now I get a bit further but stops when init tries to create
utmpx entries. It cannot create ......../var/adm/utmpx.

I thought this procedure were straight forward. What did I miss?

Looking forward for your replies. Thanks.

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