SUMMARY: A problem with IMAP daemon

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Date: Wed Feb 08 1995 - 01:42:14 CST

I haven't got yet any answer to my letter, but coming in the
morning to the work with a fresh mind I have solved the problem.

Here is my original question:

  | My SPARCclassic (Sol 2.3, no patches) acting as a mail server
  | with IMAP daemon (imapd 3.4) running on it does not give to
  | part of users access to post office, while rest of people are
  | accessing it as usually. Mail clients are PC's running
  | ECSMail V2.4.1 as a mail program and Trumpet Winsock V1.0a as
  | a TCP/IP program.
  | It started to behavior so just after usual reboot.
  | Configuration of PC's is OK, since from the same PC I can access
  | a mail box for a user and cannot do for another one. So the problem
  | is on Sun. After I try to read my inbox from PC it creates a file
  | "loginname.lock" under "/var/mail" and does not open it. The
  | SunOS "Mail" command can read any mail box without problem (after
  | I delete the .lock file)
  | Does anyone have any idea what can be a difference between login
  | names?

In fact the problem wasn't in IMAP daemon, but in ECSMail program.
I haven't mentioned it in my letter but one day before we were having
a lack of disk space in a file system where mail spool directory resides.
It turned out that in such cases (when whole message cannot be appended)
sendmail appends to a mail box only first line of the message containing
"From address date time" (i.e. it appends a kind of letter with empty
message body and with minimum of information in its header). It is
absolutely correct action for the system and any native SunOS mailer
can read mail boxes with such empty messages. ECSMail however is not
able to do it, apparently due to a bug.

So each user who has got at least one message over the period when
a mail spool directory was out of disk space, was experiencing
problem with ECSMail. The simple action fixing the problem was entering
each mailbox by an editor and deleting headers of empty messages.

Thanks for paying attention to my problem,
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