SUMMARY: Missing Diskspace in root partition

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> Subject: Missing Diskspace in root partition
> Hi All,
> I am having a problem with a SS20 Quad 55Mhz Ross with 4.1.3_U1 os.
> Every now and then the root partition will fill up, but when I look around
> to find out where the diskspace has gone none of the root directories
> seem to have grown ?? If a do a 'quot /dev/sd0a' there will be one user
> with 15-20 Mb sometimes this is user 'root' and sometimes another user.
> I have got a workaround which involves rebooting single user, this then
> does an 'fsck' on the '/' partition which finds the unreferenced file space.
> Has anyone else had this problem ?
> Is there a patch ?
> Is there a way of fixing this problem without rebooting as the machine
> is used as an application server for X-terminals.

I received 5 responses. The general consensus was that an application was doing
an 'unlink' of an open file. This gives you can unnamed file that will exist
as long as you have it open.

The public domain program 'lsof' was suggested as a means of finding an unnamed
files. This program lists open files and their owners. I downloaded this
and will use it the next time I get the problem.

My thanks to : (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Perry Hutchison)
 raoul@MIT.EDU (Stephen Potter)
 Michael Myers <>

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