SUMMARY: NeWSprinter 20 hangs after first print job

From: Snyder, Rich (
Date: Wed Feb 08 1995 - 02:03:01 CST

Original Message:

I am running the following:
  Solaris 2.3
NeWSprinter 20
  NeWSprint 2.5b
Networked HPLJ4 si/mx (w/JetDirect card)

After installing the lpJumbo patch (-12) printing the NeWsprinter 20 will
print the
first print job in the queue and then that print job will not clear from the
queue. If only
one print job is in the queue (the one that hangs) and cancel is issued for
that print
id, the next job will print and then hang again. If two or more jobs are in
the queue,
the first is cancelled after printing and hanging, the second print job will
not print
and lpstat -t gives a device busy message. However, the HP4 works
Removing the NeWSprinter and reinstalling the printer worked before with
hang-ups, but does not work with this problem.

Additionally, backing out of the patch did not restore the original

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Rich Snyder


Response Summary:

Certain kernel patches to 2.3 will cause the np_filter part of
NeWSprint to hang. Since your HP doesn't make use of the NeWSprint
imager this would explain why your NP20 is hanging while your HP
is not.

Apply patch 102113-03. This will cure your np_filter problem if that
is in fact the problem you are seeing.

Thanks to the following:

Tim Wort,
Tom Rivera,
David Mitchell,
Jane Medefesser, jane.medefesser@Eng.Sun.Com
Frank Sommer,

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