SUMMARY: PC-NFS 5.1 & Excel File Corruption

From: Systems Adminstrator (
Date: Tue Feb 07 1995 - 03:55:57 CST

Hello All

Many people replied to bring to my attention a known bug in PC-NFS 5.1 which
involved among other things file corruption. There is a jumbo patch, however I
followed one of the pathches included in this jumbo patch. I have included a
copy of the jumbo patch 102068-01 at the end. The minor patch recommended the
following (and it worked) the path-id is 101931-01.

cd to your active pcnfs.sys file, c:\nfs or c:\windows if you are running both
wfw networking with pc-nfs

Make a backup copy of this file

Exit to dos (not a dos window) and start the dos debugger thus;
        debug pcnfs.sys

At the debug prompt (-) enter the following debug commands;
        -e b7d6 <RETURN> 90<space>90<RETURN>

Output after debugging will look similar to this;
        2CB7:B7D6 8B.90 DE.90

Write the changes to disk and quit;
        -w <RETURN>
        -q <RETURN>


This solved my problem. Thanks to everyone who replied, it is encouraging to
see that there are still some people prepared to lend a hand and co-operate in
order to progress.

Here is the jumbo patch;

Patch-ID# 102068-01
Keywords: HP cdrom libc patch ms motorola print word excel corruption RARP ODI
Synopsis: PC-NFS 5.1: PC-NFS 5.1a jumbo patch.
Date: Sep/22/94

Solaris Release:

SunOS Release:

Unbundled Product: PC-NFS

Unbundled Release: 5.1

Relevant Architectures: PC

BugId's fixed with this patch: 1124803 1160461 1161917 1162158 1164093 1170956
1171233 1171639 1176293 1176631 pcn4551 pcn4577 pcn4638 pcn4676 pcn4694 pcn4726

Changes incorporated in this version:

Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch: 101931-01

Patches which conflict with this patch:

Patches required with this patch:

Obsoleted by:

Files included with this patch:

    pcnfs51a.exe - Self extracting zip file containing

        pcnfs.51a (renamed by install.bat to pcnfs.sys)

Problem Description:

1124803 PC-NFS does not respond to Keep Alive Packets with no data.

1160461 PC-NFS unable to read cdrom. HP box not strippping extraneous digits.

1161917 PC-NFS can't mount a nfs filesystem using the /ms (MUSTSHARE)
         option from a 4.1.3 nfsserver with the latest libc patch installed.

1162158 Memory leak in Winsock dll.

1164093 Cannot print from MS Windows 3.1 when using MS Word 6.0.

1170956 PC-NFS 5.1 ftp & telnet, dos or windows, fails to connect to
         motorola server.

1171233 PC-NFS 5.1 corrupts data when saving Excel workbooks and spread-
         sheets on networked disk.

1171639 The PC-NFS 5.1 ODI shim does not support the RARP protocol.

1176293 Cannot print from MS Word 6.0 on Windows for Workgroups.

1176631 On a SunOS 5.x Print Server, user can not delete print jobs from
         MS Windows 3.1 Print Manager.

pcn4551 The scrolling data window in RPCINFOW is too small.

pcn4577 Winsock applications which explicitly load the Winsock library from
         WinMain() could force a GPF. WSAStartup can now be called from the
         LibMain of a DLL.

pcn4638 PING.EXE miscalculates stats on long hops.

pcn4676 Mounting files crashes the NFS server. Some NFS servers will
         crash if the packet size of a readdir is not a multiple of 4.

pcn4694 Wrong error message reported when using rnmfile and rnmdns. Some
         applications (eg: ping, rdate, finger) will return an incorrect
         error message when referencing an unknown host via DNS or local
         host files.

pcn4726 Control-C interrupt signal is causing telnetw to disconnect
         from a SCO host.

Patch Installation Instructions:

    At the DOS prompt type NET VERSION. The system should report "The
    PC-NFS Version is 5.1." If the system reports any version other than

    This patch consists of an installation batch file and a self extracting
    ZIP file. To install, change to the directory or diskette containing
    the patch. Type .\INSTALL Drive:Path. Where "Drive" is the letter of
    the DOS drive where PC-NFS 5.1 is installed and "Path" is the full path
    to the PC-NFS 5.1 installation directory.

    The batch file will provide information about installation progress
    and prompt for operator input. It saves copies of original files,
    replaced by the patch, in the FCS subdirectory of the PC-NFS directory.
    The batch file also renames the original PCNFS.SYS file PCNFS.OLD in
    the PC-NFS directory. Once proper system operation is verified, these
    files may be deleted if disk space is an issue.

    If you are using Windows for Workgroups, you will need to copy the
    PCNFS.SYS file from your PC-NFS directory to the Windows for Workgroups
    directory after the patch is installed.

    You will need to reboot the system for the patch to take effect.


        Select patch diskette


        Execute installation batch file

            INSTALL C:\NFS

        Windows for Workgroups users copy PCNFS.SYS to windows directory


        Reboot system


    All drive letter and directory name references are PC-NFS defaults.
    If you have installed PC-NFS or the patch file on a different drive
    or in a different directory, substitute your drive and directory names
    in the example commands.

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