Summary: LPD for Solaris 2.4

From: Wolf N. Paul (
Date: Tue Feb 07 1995 - 05:04:19 CST


In response to my query about a port of lpd & friends to Solaris 2.4,
I have received one offer of a working-but-not-quite-complete port,
and many recommendations to use PLP instead.

In the meantime I have managed to get the port I already had to work
(although only client operation has been tested so far), so my quest
has come to an end.

I am quite willing to make available what I have, so if anyone wants
it, or has a place to put it for anon ftp, please let me know. I have
the source (of course), and a binary package for "pkgadd"
installation (it preserves the "compatibility" binaries for a later

I would still appreciate it if someone could provide the missing (and
currently commented-out) _validuser() function.

Regards, Wolf

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