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From: Robert Wolf (
Date: Tue Feb 07 1995 - 01:17:28 CST

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I am looking for some software that will manipulate audio files.

I would like to do the following:
- display wave on the screen
- printout wave on postscript printer
- playback the sound through speakers
- apply filters to process the audio files
- apply transformations to process the audio files
- d/a and a/d conversions

A C language API would be nice.

Shareware would be preferred but 3rd party will also be considered.

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>From Wed Feb 1 12:10:43 1995

You may be interested in `rplay' which is a network-based audio player.
( in /pub/rplay)

There's also a program called `soundtool' and `gaintool' that come with

Mark Boyns

>From Wed Feb 1 17:17:16 1995

audiotool will display the waveform, might even print it.


I use the "sox" sound library to do this.

>From Wed Feb 1 20:00:08 1995

Try MixViews (mxv) available at

The source (C/C++)is available and I beleive it will do most of the
things you requested. I could not find a postscript print function,
but since the program is build upon the InterViews graphic library
which has builtin support for postscript printing, you might be able
to get the author to add this feature (or do it yourself ?).

-chad dawson

P.S. The ftp site seems a little flakey, you might have to try
a few times to access it.

>From Wed Feb 1 20:51:43 1995

A package called netaudio or voxware, should fill most of your

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