SUMMARY: How to move SunPC 3.0 license?

From: Bill Morrow (
Date: Sat Feb 04 1995 - 02:03:36 CST

1.5 weeks ago, I asked how to obtain the licensing information needed
for Sun to give me a new license on a new machine for SunPC 3.0

- Sun technical support came through, after a few rounds through
  their voice mail labyrinth. The licensing scheme is obsolete,
  so it took awhile to get to someone who still knew how it worked.
  Running "sun_license -m" bypasses the licensing diskette, and allows
  you to see the magic key code, and enter a token Sun recites over the
  phone. I haven't actually done this, because:

- SunPC 3.1 doesn't use the user-surly licensing scheme, and may be
  available at no charge if one harasses Sun enough.

- The user wanting to do DOS emulation is happy, I swapped his antique
  SLC for a venerable Sun 386i, c/w floppy disk and DOS 3.x emulator :)

- A few correspondents expressed interest in buying my 486 acclerator
  card. I will check with the owner.

Thanks to:

Sun technical support - especially Mike(?), Dennis and Gordon. (Steve Ozoa) (Mike Jipping)
freyr! (Phillip Akers) (Victor Churchill)
Ted Rodriguez-Bell <ted@ssl.Berkeley.EDU> (David L. Markowitz)

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