Summary: chown broken?

Date: Fri Feb 03 1995 - 22:49:47 CST

I had quite a few responses to this question. Thanks to everyone who
answered my question. This is what most of them told me.

chown is not broken. Indeed what I described was the way it should work.
ie., No one except root should be able to change ownership on a file.
Moreover root on nfsmounted file systems cannot change the ownership unless
the filesystem was exported with the -root=hostname:hostname.... option.

One person told me that the /etc/system file can be modified to allow
users to chown files: (Only in Solaris)

set rstchown=0

This may require a reboot -- -r (reconfigure boot) after changing the
/etc/system file.

Again, thanks to everyone who responded.

Ramesh Radhakrishnan
UNIX Systems Administrator
Netrix Corporation
Herndon, VA-22071.
Ph: 703-793-1074

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