SUMMARY: FDDI connection to FDDI connection on 2 servers

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Date: Fri Feb 03 1995 - 06:44:09 CST

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Here's the summary for my original question:

>>I want to attach a single FDDI cable between 2 Sun servers.
>>The cable would be attached to a FDDI SBus interface card
>>installed in each server. Each card would be assigned it's own IP
>>address creating a 2 node network. The operating system will be
>>Solaris 2.4.

>>I have done this in the past, but with dual attach FDDI interfaces and
>>I'm a little unsure of the single attach card.

>>The question is: Will this work?

I'm still a bit confused since there was no real consensus on the
question. So, we are going to try it and see what happens. I'll
provide an update.

The responses are below:

>From Bevis R W King

I too wondered about this, and came to the conclusion that it
might not work. In the end I bought a 3Com LinkBUILDER FDDI
concentrator and used that as the backbone to my network.

The problem I think is that the single attach boards are fixed
in a Slave mode, and I'm not aware of a way of switching them
into Master mode.


>From Bryan Solie

The way I understand FDDI, it works like token ring. That is, you
will need the dual attach FDDI or some kind of concetrator to do what
you have in mind.


>From Paulo Licio de Geus
As far as hardware's concerned, it should work, provided you have a
twisted fiber cable. I've have asked people from Cisco, WellFleet and
other providers for the answer, and they all agreed it should work.
We already have the cable, but haven't had time to try it (the ether
connections do fine...:-)


>From Dave Russell

I have set up the point-to-point FDDI as you described with Solaris 2.3.
It works fine. (Or at least as well as the Sun FDDI cards work.) I am having FDDI
FDDI ring problems which seem to be related to the Sun FDDI cards. I do not
know whether patches past 318-54 have fixed the problem.



It should work.


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