SUMMARY: SPARCworks 2.0.1 problems

From: Matthias Heinitz (
Date: Thu Feb 02 1995 - 19:52:23 CST

Dear colleagues,

I just got one response. Maybe that SPARCworks is not the best
recommendation. (David L. Markowitz) suggested to check
the variable LM_LICENSE_FILE. In our case it was not necessary
to set this variable since I installed SPARCworks in the
standard path /opt/SUNWspro.

However, I found myself the solutions of our problems:

1) Licensing problem:
The rights of the file license.dat were set to 640. That is not
correct, the correct setting is 644. (Simple solution!)

2) MakeTool does not work:
You have to install the patch 101424-01.
Why are they unable to attach an actualized README-File ???



------- Original Posting -----------------------------------------------

Dear sun-managers,

a few weeks ago one of our colleagues posted the subsequent licensing
problem. However, he never gave a summary nor he did not respond upon
my direct contact. So excuse me please for this reposting but I and
colleagues of another department have exactly the same problem. -> I
*promise*: I will summarize!!!

Licensing problem
Starting the tools of SPARCWorks 2.0.1 (OS Solaris) always get us no
license. The license information dialogue box shows :

   License Status : No License
   Server Status : No Connection
   Flexlm Message : no such feature exists
   Total License : 0
   License Available : 0

Another effect which indicates the licensing problem is:

   obelix{mhei}446: make
   cc -g -D SOLARIS -D MAIN -c control.c

   SPARCompiler C: The license file (/opt/SUNWspro/SunTech_License/license.dat) is corrupt OR
                   does not have information about this product
   cc: acomp failed for control.c
   *** Error code 1
   make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `control.o'

But it is interesting to see that root is able to perform 'make'!!
That looks like an access rights problem but giving all files 777-rights
does not help. To make sure that there is no path problem:

   obelix{mhei}447: which cc
   obelix{root}375: which cc

   obelix{mhei}449: which make
   obelix{root}376: which make

Our license server is running the lmgrd and is serving compilers licenses
WELL. The valid license file /opt/SUNWspro/SunTech_License/license.dat
contains FEATURE lines for various SPARC compilers and SPARCWorks. Besides,
two files

    /opt/SUNWspro/SC2.0.1/SC_LICENSE_FILE and

are equivalent.

New problem
We have another problem (which has not been posted yet, as far as I know)
with SPARCWorks 2.0.1 which is probably not affected by the licensing

When clicking the MakeTool, the following error message is

   Error: Segmentation Violation

The other thing is that users with a ksh get the following message:

   maketool doesn't work with 'ksh' - using 'sh' instead
   Error: Segmentation Violation

The manuals do not say that there is a restriction for the Korn-shell.

End of questionaire

Any advise will be appreciated. Once more: I will summarize !

Kind regards,


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