SUMMARY: monitor trouble

From: Deborah A. Crocker (
Date: Wed Feb 01 1995 - 23:22:54 CST

Thanks for the help - it came mostly in the form of monitor adjustment
tools. Didn't find any circuit diagrams or sources for one. We were in
a time bind because sending out monitors for repair takes several
weeks. And, being a university, money to buy new equipment is rare.
Resondents are listed below. The replies are:

"Under Sundiag there is a color bar test" - these were not static,
     however, and so won't help the user needing a stable pattern to aid

Kevin Martinez has two cartesian grids that help align the color guns.
     They can be found at in /pub/lps

     red-blu.gif ) These weren't the exact names I found
     rgb.gif ) but are the names given by Kevin

Dan Stromberg sent a gif file of colors bars which he generated from a c

It was suggested that we could use a terminal as the console - but we do
     a lot of data visualization here. The user with the bad monitor really
     needs the whole works.

Others carry maintenance on all hardware - but we are a university. What we can
     possibly do ourselves we try to do ourselves.

I got a few notes about repair places.

What we finally did: We made some internal "deals" to find the money to
buy a new monitor. I called around and got the best price and we got a
new one in overnight. The bad monitor will be sent out to be repaired
with the usual 3-week turnaround time and we will keep it as a spare
should this come up again.

Again, thanks
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