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Date: Wed Feb 01 1995 - 06:14:26 CST

Ok, the responses have dropped off, so I'll summarize now.
Last time I was a bit premature in my summary and had to revise.

My original request:
>> Looking for Hardware maintenance support vendors/costs/experiences.

Summary begins:
Self-serving vendors:
> Polaris Service offered 800-541-5831 for complete Sun and HP hardware,
   but no pricing.
> I am a Technical Support Engineer for a company called
  Polaris Service. We cover all Sun Hardware, OS, and unbundled
  products as well as HP. besides telephone support, we send FE's
  onsite as well.
  I don't know what we charge, but it must be a good deal since we
  have been winning many accounts away from the big players. We cover
  the entire US and Europe. If you're interested, we will provide you
  with references.
  You can call our sales line at 1-800-541-5831. You can also get call
  me at the service line, 1-800-626-1661 or email me.

> Novadyne Computer Systems Inc. has been servicing Sun equipment since
  1987 nationwide. Novadyne became a SunSoft Authorized Service Provider
  for software in 1993. Our pricing is aggressive and competitive. I
  look forward to quoting your equipment. Texas: (214) 389-5006.
          * HARDWARE- On-Site Basic PLUS (Same Day)
                         On-Site Basic (Next Day)
          * SOFTWARE- SUNOS Telephone Support
                         SUNOS Update Media & Documentation
          * INSTALLATION- Basic & Nova-Start
          * TRAINING COURSES- System Administration
                                   Advanced System Admin.
          * PERIPHERAL SUPPORT- Memory, Disk Drives, Cartridge Tape
Polaris customers respond:
> Although we do our own Sun self maintenance, we have a contract with
  Polaris Service to provide us with next day spares and even spare
  part consignment when needed. They are very professional, have the
  parts we need, good technical support and have gotten us out of
  pinches with cases that involve out of the ordinary Sun parts.
  They also perform on-site field service, so they would meet your
  requirements. Their number is 1-800-541-5831. Our Rep at Polaris
  is Shelly Passios.

> Had good dealings (both service and $$ saved) with Polaris Service.
  Polaris (800)541-5831 - Don Philip is in Sales

EAI(Halifax) gets hammered:
> We had a company called Electronic Associates, Inc. (EAI) for several
  years and they seemed to do a fine job. Then they were bought up by
  a company called Halifax. We kept one of the two field engineers we
  had with EAI, but they either reassigned or laid of the other, and
  never replaced him. They also implemented a bunch of administrative
  procedures requiring Account Numbers (which they never gave us) and
  a central switchboard to activate calls, The phone manners of some of
  the switchboard people were rude, at best (on a good day!). Response
  time had increased markedly and turnaround time for repairs is not good.
  Even the attitude of our FE has gone downhill fast.

Kodak slammed, DEC praised, Honeywell honorable mention:
> I've used Honeywell, Sun(KODAK), and DEC. I like DEC the most because
  of price and expertise. The KODAK service person wasn't very
  Our discounted prices from DEC are: S10,7x24,$67month ;
  S20,7x24,$102month; 4/75,5x9,$25 ; S10,5x9,$39 .

> When I was in the defense segment of TI, we had Honeywell on a 5X9
  service basis for our hardware needs. They gave us 2 hour call back
  and same day service, always prompt and effective. If there was
  any question about whether to replace a component or not, they would
  prefer to replace it. They maintained hot spares of all our various
  Suns. I don't know what the cost was.
> Similarly, we used Motorola to support the NCD X-terminals. Motorola
  was equally good as far as I know, most of my interface was with the
  the Sun support folks. No pricing.

Thanks to all who replied:



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