SUMMARY : Answering Machine

From: Vibhavasu Vuppala (
Date: Wed Feb 01 1995 - 03:19:38 CST

Few days back I had asked about the availability of a software which can
work like an answering machine. Everyone pointed me to the current
version of "mgetty+sendfax" which has vgetty which allows this.
There is a FAQ available on this. archie will find everything.

Kevin Sheehan cautioned about legal problems :

>Probably, but you have to watch it. We ran into a hiccup with Pac Bell - you
>can use the system for a connetion thru a data modem, but it is not qualified
>at telco equipment, so it is illegal to use it for voice.
>In other words, check with your local telco for regs on the subject too...

I have not yet installed it.

Thanks to the following (and anyone else whom I missed out): (Syed Zaeem Hosain) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Gerhard Lausser) (Don)

- vasu

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