Summary: Trouble with rlogin...

From: Joe Dietz (
Date: Wed Feb 01 1995 - 00:39:55 CST

Summary of "Trouble with rlogin..."

Original Error Messages:

Out of ptys

All network ports in use

Solution was to create more ptys in /dev I beleive all who replied pointed to turned out that the system was configured for 256 ptys but only the
standard 48 had been created. I used the small 4 line script at the end to
add the additional ptys. Until recently this has been purely a server...
probably why it had not shown up earlier. PTYs effect rlogin, telnet and xterm.

My system's NPTY was set to 256 in /usr/sys/sun4m/<kernal_name>/pty.h
My system's /usr/sys/sun4m/conf/<kernal_name>
pseudo-device pty256 # pseudo-tty's, also needed for SunView

Thanks to all who pitched in! (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Dave Curado <>
Richard J. Niziak <> (Mark E Grannen)
Chris Terry/Computervision <Chris_Terry/> (Pamela Pledger)
....and other late entries....


Reconfigure your kernel and raise the maxusers variable or in the
/usr/sys/sun4x/'kernel name`/pty.h file, up the NPTY variable..

You do not have enough pty devices in /dev. These devices are in the
range /dev/tty[p-s][0-9a-f]. Use the /dev/MAKEDEV script to add more


you need to increase the number of ptys (pseudo-ttys) on your system.
to do this, change your kernel config file to specify the number of
ptys you need (default is 48; 'ls -l /dev/pty* | wc -l' will show how
many you currently have). in the kernel config file, change the line:

pseudo-device pty # pseudo-tty's, also needed for SunView

to specify the number of ptys (128 in this example):

pseudo-device pty128 # pseudo-tty's, also needed for SunView

once you've make your change to the conf file, remake your kernel, install
it, and reboot.

you'll also need to make additional pty devices in /dev in order for the
new ptys to be used. this can be done before or after the kernel is remade
and the machine is rebooted. use /dev/MAKEDEV for this (make 80 more ptys
in this example):

# ls -l /dev/pty* | wc -l
# for i in 3 4 5 6 7
>/dev/MAKEDEV pty$i
# ls -l /dev/pty* | wc -l


the MAKEDEV script in /dev will allow you to increase the number of pty's on
the system beyond the standard 48.

use the Syntax ./MAKEDEV ptyX (where X is a number from 4 to 15 - use
sequentially !)


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