SUMMARY: B ackup of a Solaris 2 machine from a Solaris 1 machine

From: Daniel Hurtubise (daniel@sar3.CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA)
Date: Tue Jan 31 1995 - 23:49:07 CST

Sun Managers,

I've already received 3 unanimous answers. The operator
in Solaris 2 has to be in the sys group. I tought I had
seen in the answerbook that the operator user had to be
in the sysadmin group. I was wrong.

Since there is no sys group in SunOS 4.X, I put the operator's
name in group 3 (sys in Solaris 2 and bin in SunOS 4.X) on the
NIS server running SunOS 4.X.

The 3 respondents to date:
"B C Hamshere" <>
Casper Dik <> (Tim Evans)

Thank you for your answers,

Daniel Hurtubise

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