SUMMARY: ypxfr hangs

From: Serkan Cil (
Date: Mon Jan 30 1995 - 05:42:32 CST

I have got only 1 respones so far. It helped to solve the problem.
Thanks a lot "bismark".


I have got a problem with one of slave NIS servers of a NIS domain.
Here is the problem:

o The domain has 1 master and two slave servers.
o The master (SunOS 4.1.3) and one of the slaves (SunOS 4.1.PSR_A) are
   on the same physical subnet and the other slave (SunOS 4.1.3) is two
   routers away from the master.
o Every thing was fine until,
   I installed a secure portmap binary (by
   at the master server.
o After this installation the slave which is on the other subnet
   couldn't ypxfr both passwd.byname and passwd.byuid maps from the
   master. No masseges. Just hangs. Nevertheless, it can still transfer
   all the other maps! There is no such problem with the slave which is on
   the same subnet with the master.
o Also, the master can't yppush the passwd maps to the problematic slave.
o A point woth of note: The sizes of passwd maps are huge.
   (passwd.byname.pag: 131 KB, passwd.byuid.pag: 183 KB)

Attempts at solution:

o I restored the original portmap binary at the master, and rebooted the
   machine. Nothing changed.

o I installed secure portmap at the problematic slave server. But this
   either haven't solved the problem.

>From Fri Jan 27 19:04:59 1995

Try binding explicitly the slave server on the
other subnet to the master server. This is done
in the rc.local file by:

        ypbind -ypset

Ultimate Solution:
ypbind does not have a syntax like above. However, I first killed
ypbind. Then run it as "ypbind -ypset". Then executed "ypset <master-server>".
This somehow solved the hanging ypxfer problem, and I was able to
transfer the passwd maps from the master server. Then I disabled the
ypset stuff and ran ypbind back in the normal way. Now ypxfer does not hang
while transferring passwd maps although the slave does not have ypset.
I don't know why or how the solution worked but it worked.

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