SUMMARY: Seagate ST1480N in SS1+ ??

From: Glenn W Cantello (
Date: Mon Jan 30 1995 - 01:27:54 CST

> Hello,
> We have a Seagate ST1480N 200 Mb hard drive that we took out of a SS2.
> We would like to put it into a SS1+. Do you know of any problems with
> doing this as far as ventillation, power supply or anything else?
> Thanks,
First, I apologise for misleading information. Seagate ST1480N is 424Mb.

I actually was interested in the Quantum Prodrive 210S which is 200Mb.

The response was basically, "no problemo, go for it"
I shall assume it holds for true the Quatum 210S as well unless someone
tells me otherwise.

I received responses from (so far) and thank:
Sean Ward <> (John Justin Hough) (Paul Roland) (Syed Zaeem Hosain)

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