SUMMARY: How make SS2 the NIS master?

From: OMG (
Date: Wed Feb 01 1995 - 08:05:35 CST

A few days ago I wrote:

>I have a SPARCstation 2 which I wish to make the NIS (not NIS+)
>master. It is running 4.1.3_U1. NIS/NIS+ is not currently being
>run on the network.
>When I "/usr/etc/yp/ypinit -m" it complains that /var/yp/Makefile
>is not present; and indeed it is not. I did a full install from the
>CD-Rom onto a clean disk, but /var/yp/Makefile was STILL not there.
>How do I pull /var/yp/Makefile off the CD-Rom? Do I need to do
>anything more?
>I looked in the FAQ, but found nothing appropriate. We have site

The answer is:

    cp /usr/lib/NIS.Makefile /var/yp/Makefile

The existence of the other copy of the Makefile is described in the
Makefile. Of course, to read it you first have to know it exists, but
after you have copied it this is no longer a problem.

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    Thien.Nguyen@EBay.Sun.COM (Thien Nguyen)
    Woobin Lee <>
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