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Date: Sat Jan 28 1995 - 08:58:30 CST

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> Hi all,
> I have a 1GB disk on a Sparc 10 that is making some odd noises.
> I've installed a second 1 GB drive as target 2 and have partitioned
> it exactly as the first one. What I would like to do is mirror the
> primary drive on the backup drive with the intention of removing the
> primary. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a strategy for
> doing this (ie, how do I do it?) Thanks!

Most of the responses fell in to two option categories:

Option 1:

fpr each new partition;
newfs partition
mount new partition on XXX
cd XXX
dump 0fs - 1000000 <old partition> | restore rf -
if partition is for root; installboot on partition
Option 2:

check to make sure that the SCSI targets (little jumpers on side of
are different and that the original disk is the appropriate target for

Boot into single user mode. While booting, make sure to pay attention
to the device names at boot. (ie /dev/sdX)

Once in single user mode, one command will automatically duplicate the
first disk onto the second one. As long as they are the same size disk,
you don't even need to check partitioning. This will write the second disk
exactly as the first one.

assuming that:

master: /dev/sd0

target: /dev/sd3

issue the following command:

prompt% dd if=/dev/sd0c of=/dev/sd3c bs=4096k

this will copy the disk in 4MB chunks across the SCSI bus. For a 1 GB disk
it should take less than 10 minutes!


Thanks for all of the responses!


D. Peter Sardella | Valley Forge, PA USA |

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