SUMMARY: Frame 4.0 problems, 'Segmentation fault' at startup

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Date: Sat Jan 28 1995 - 08:23:04 CST

As most of you suggested the SunOS patch 100716-17 solved this

This list is a BIG help! Thanks to:

charest@CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA (Claude Charest) (Martin Oksnevad) (Richard Amick) (Eric Larson) (Gary Burton) (Charles Mengel) (Bill Zhu)

Original Question:

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Hope somenone can help me!

We have one floating license of Frame 4 here. A good product, but
something odd happens when I try to start it on any of our
Axil SS10 compatilble stations (one Axil 311 and one Axil 230).
We're running SunOS 4.1.3, and have no other specific problems with
any of these two boxes.

It won't start! If I start 'imaker' this happens:

starting imaker ...

At this point you expect the Frame box with 'open,info,exit....' to come
up. But that doesn't happen.
I follow scripts and links, and in the end I find the exec module that
is started '$FMHOME/bin/sunxm.os.sparc/maker4X.exe'. I try to start
this executable

Segmentation fault

Any other workstation of ours (Axil 210, Tatung COMPstation 20L w/dual
ROSS 55Mhz, Tatung COMPstation 40, Sun SS2, Sun IPC, Sun SLC) starts
Frame 4 without problems. Starting maker4X.exe directly on any one of
these, gives:

$FMHOME is not set.

This really puzzles me.... Hope someone out there can help.....
Thanks in advance, and a SUMMARY will of course follow.

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