SUMMARY:Perl and News on Solaris 2.3

From: John P. McHugh (
Date: Thu Jan 26 1995 - 23:33:59 CST

My original request was:

> Hello,
> Didn't see this in the FAQ...maybe someone can help me. I am trying to
> build perl v.4.036 and nntp v1.5.11 on Solaris 2.3 running SC3.0. Perl
> builds ok...(well there were a few warnings) but bombs on the test. Nntp
> doesn't build at all...choking on a list of symbols not found.
> Can someone provide me with pointers or a config file for either perl or
> nntp. This would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks,

I received alot of help/recommendations/etc...from the people listed below.
Basic solution for Perl was to install v5.0. Install was very easy with no
modifications necessary. For News, the recommendation was INN 1.4. Here were
notes/suggestions for an install of Perl v4.x on Solaris2.x:

   1. Take "/usr/ucb" out of your PATH.
   2. Do not use any BSD/UCB libraries.
   3. Only -lsocket, -lnsl and -lm are needed. (There is apparently
      a problem with -lmalloc also.)
   4. Do not use "-I/usr/ucbinclude".
   5. Do not use vfork.
   6. Hints for Solaris 2.0 are actually better than 2.1 .
   7. If you use cc, do not use the -O flag on util.c/tutil.c .

Thank you all for the help:

Toby Riddell,
Michael G. DeLooze,
George Pallas,
Stephen Potter,!
Mark Sigler,
Richard Pieri,
David Lee,

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