SUMMARY: NIS problems on SOLARIS 2.4

From: Dijkhoff Ad (
Date: Wed Jan 25 1995 - 06:51:47 CST

Hi sun managers,

my problem has been solved.

It turned out that my two problems were related to eachother.

Applying the workaround as mentioned in (SUNSOLVE CD) bug 1181693,
, (setting NOPUSH = "1" in /var/yp/Makefile), created my second
problem, (new etries in NIS maps can be seen with ypcat, but not with

It turned out that setting NOPUSH back to "" solved my problem.
And you now what!! The error 139 didn't come back.

I think it has something to do with first creating the NIS databases
and filling them initially with the data.
After that setting NOPUSH to "" gives no more problems.

I am not sure if the problem will stay away, but I surely hope so.
At the moment it works fine for me.

Thanks to all who responded:

"Michael R. Zika" <>
   Michael: Installing patch 101363-06 on SOlaris 2.4 didn't work,
            also adding SUNWnskit with pkgadd failed.
            I installed the different files by hand, but it didn't
            solve my problem.
"Michael (M.A.) Meystel" <MEYSTMA@DUVM.bitnet>
   Michael: yes we want to run NIS on Solaris 2.x, and SUN
            has a product for that (NIS-PSITE). We don't want
            to go to NIS+ before all our machines (HP,SGI,DEC,
            Intergraph etc.) now about NIS+.


Original question:
> Hi,
> the following problems have occured when installing Solaris 2.4
> I have to install a Solaris 2.4 machine using NIS (not NIS+) as a
> Naming Service.
> Hardware: SUN SPARC ELC with 32 MB memory
> Software: Solaris 2.4, the 11/94 revision.
> NIS-PSITE, Naming Services Transition Kit for
> Solaris 2.2 & 2.3
> (I've checked with SUN, this version should work on 2.4)
> Patches: The recommended patches from the 2.4 CD
> I've setup NIS without slave servers.
> ==========
> Running (cd /var/yp;make) resulted in "error code 139".
> This is known on the SUNSOLVE CD as bug 1181693, I have applied the
> suggested work-around, by changing the Makefile for NIS.
> (Change NOPUSH = "" to NOPUSH = "1")
> This part of the problem is solved.
> (sunsolve also says I need to install 101363-06, but that installation
> fails with:
> "This patch is not a valid Solaris patch. Aborting installation of
> 101363-06"
> )
> ==========
> I've changed DIR=/etc to DIR=/var/yp/src in the NIS Makefile.
> I placed the files in the correct directory.
> Adding a host to the hosts file and re-making NIS gives the following
> result.
> xx # added to /var/yp/src/hosts
> (cd /var/yp;make) # OK
> ypcat -k hosts
> xx xx # OK, also the other entries are shown
> ypmatch xx hosts
> Can't match key xx in map hosts.byname. Reason: no such key in map.
> # So host xx doesn't show
> Rebooting the system solves this problem.
> Stopping and starting NIS with /etc/init.d/yp stop / start and killing /
> restarting ypbind also shows the host, but this later results in problems
> with yp.
> ( I've tried this also with the source files in /etc, but that
> doesn't make any difference)


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