Summary: Newsreaders and Solaris 2.x

From: David R Courtade (
Date: Thu Jan 26 1995 - 07:50:03 CST


Great response to the request. I now have tin compiled and linked and it
seems to work fine despite some warnings on compilation. I received a tin
set up, and a xvnews binary. The xvnews sees to start, but exits because
I have too many newsgroups ( set up problem, low priority).

Others have suggested that trn and nn also compile under Solaris.

Seems that the readers comp[iled under SunOS 4.1.3 will run in
compatability mode under Solaris 2.X

Seems most WWW browers can be used to read news.

Pine can read news

I also got some me toos. It seems that the tin 1.22 distribution will
compile if the Makefile is changed to reflect the gcc compiler, bison
YACC, and the correct debug flags ( the lines exist in the Makefile, just
cooment the wrong, and uncomment the correct). The make sysvr4 then seems
to work. Anyone needing more info can contact me and I'll forward you
what I've got.

Thanks to the following:

Scott Spevacek <> - Netscape - from in /pub/netscape/unix - offered tin compiled
scott hollatz <> - sent source and notes for tin
Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} <> - suggests nn - suggests trn and nn
Daniel Notov <> - sent instructions for compiling tin 1.2pl2 using gcc under Solaris 2.3
Jas <matt@uts.EDU.AU> - offered tin
Grant Visser's account <> - Sent XVNEWS
Bravo Israel <> - Suggests Netscape - suggets xvnews
Steve Elliott <> - use 4.1.3 binaries in compatability mode
Alexander Haiut <> - USe compatability mode or WWW browsers
Craig Prall <> - Has xrn for Solaris 2.3
"D.J.Peacock" <> - uses tin 1.22 and rn 4.4 pl2 probobly in compatability mode
"Garry D. Robbins" <> - get Xvnews - Contact the maintainer, for distribution

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