SUMMARY: Operator equivalence in 2.3

Date: Wed Jan 25 1995 - 23:15:45 CST

my question was :

>How do I setup operator equivalence on Solaris 2.3 so that the user
>that belongs to the group operator (as in Sun OS 4.1.3) has the right
>shutdown the machine.

Thanks to

Sandeep Suryavanshi and Kevin Sheehan

for two quick answers which I have included below
Hi Vincent,

 Here's the excerpt from the /etc/passwd file which will do what you

Run an pwconv after you copy this line to /etc/passwd and then
assign a

password for this account (It's best to have a password which is

to everybody than not having a password at all).


Sandeep Suryavanshi
Network Administrator
Computervision R&D (India) Ltd.


halt:x:0:1:Halt System:/:/usr/sbin/halt

====================================================== I would suppose that you make the commands set-uid root and only runnable by root and the group...

rwSr-x--- root operator <command>

l & h, kev

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