SUMMARY: Displaying another machines Openwindows

From: SRA, CHATCH, DOSS, 3-5294 (
Date: Tue Jan 24 1995 - 13:15:45 CST

Hi Sun-Managers,

Thanks to all that answered my easy question. To display a Solaris 1.X
application running on a remote machine on a Solaris 2.X host do the

        Login to 2.X host

        2.X_HOST% openwin
        2.X_HOST% xhost + 1.X_REMOTE_HOST
        2.X_HOST% rlogin 1.X_REMOTE_HOST
        1.X_REMOTE_HOST% NAME_OF_APPLICATION set display 2.X_host:0 &

        The application is now displayed.

Chatch Ingersoll

Thanks Again to all:

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