SUMMARY: vt420 as console for 2 Suns

From: Martin Oksnevad (
Date: Sun Jan 22 1995 - 05:41:04 CST

Original mail:
> After reading a DECdirect catalog I am under the impression that
> a vt420 can be a console for two Sun machines simultaneous without
> using a RS232 switch box.
> The vt420 supports split screen and can be configured to use the
> printer port as connection to the second machine.
> Can a 48 line vt420 be used as two simultaneous 24 line screens
> against two different Sun machines ? Do you need a special version
> of the vt420 ?

The answer is YES, a standard vt420 can be console for two Sun machines.
Our local DEC dealer told us that the vt420 is now replaced by the vt520
which can connect to 4 machines.

You can have two sessions (one per machine) and you can split the screen
in two (2*12 lines or 2*24 lines) or you can switch/flipp between 24 line
screens with a function key.

Be aware of that the vt420 uses the DEC style MMJ/MMP connectors.
These are like the 6 pins RH11's (the RJ45 have 8 pins) but the clip is
off set to one side. Make sure to order two adapter cables that will
provide the standard 25 pin D connectors. Our DECdirect catalog have
MMP-to-MMP cables in different lenghts (2,10,25,50 and 100 feet) and
small MMP-to-DB25 adapters.

Thanks to all who answered :
   Nate Itkin <>
   Henk Melching <> (Michael Sullivan) (Stephen Waelder)
   David R Courtade <>
   Joe Dietz <>


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