SUMMARY: Using automount to mount /usr/share

From: Mona Wong (mona@szechuan.UCSD.EDU)
Date: Sat Jan 21 1995 - 05:54:33 CST

Original posting:

> I am using SunOS 4.1.3 and the sys admin manual says the following:
> "In all cases, the automounter should not be used to mount
> /usr/share."
> Can anyone tell me why not? I want to be able to store things like
> the man page, which is under /usr/share/man, so all Sun machines
> can use it.

Thanks to all those below who replied:

Stephen Potter

>I can't think of a good reason why not, except maybe worrying about confused
>mounts for /usr/share/terminfo. Personally, what I've done is made a link from
>/usr/share/man (and some others, including /usr/openwin) to /depot/man
>(/depot/openwin, etc) and mounted it through my depot automap. Works fine for

Nico Garcia

>Mount /usr/man, not /usr/share. It may be that the presence
>of libraries under /usr/share is the problem: I don't know what
>they would do if the mounted libraries used by the automounter itself
>were suddenly over-written.
>Mounting /usr/man is how *we* do it, and mounting /usr/openwin.

Hans-Joerg Leodolter

>There is no problem to do this .We use this also without troubles.
>For example an entry in auto_direct-file:
>/usr/share/man suns2:/usr/man
>This way it works fine and the man-pages from machine suns2 are automounted
>to the local-machine.

Kevin Sheehan

>I suspect because so much of the core files live there, but dunno.
>*do* know that the proper place to play automounter games for man pages
>is /usr/man...

Birger A. Wathne

>I think automount relies on stuff in /usr/share/lib, so /usr/share should
>be mounted before running automount. But I guess you could have a minimal
>/usr/share on each host, and just mount another one over it with automount?

Barry Margolin

>At my former site we automounted /usr/share successfully.
>However, we occasionally had some problems with it. We think the
>automounter needs access to /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo. If /usr/share becomes
>unmounted, and then it tries to access /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo, it will try
>to automount it, which will hang because the automounter is busy waiting
>for the mount.

Mona Wong, UCSD

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