SUMMARY: Customizing FTP messages

From: clwillia (
Date: Sat Jan 21 1995 - 03:57:45 CST

The general consensus seemed to be to get the wu archive ftp server.
Current version is:

        wu-ftpd-2.4 from

One other suggestion was the following:

        If the message is quite short you can use emacs or some other
        editor that can handle binary files to replace that "server ready\0"
        string with something

        "T-W serv OK\0\0" (note using \0 to pad out the message to exactly the
        same length).

Since I want a several line message, I will get the wu archive ftp server.

One caution I received (and thanks, it never hurts to point out things that
some of you may think are obvious . . . because it may not be to us "rookies"):

        If, by "customize", you mean "remove the numeric response", you don't
        want to do that.

Thanks much to the following for their responses (and to anyone I missed or
who is yet to respond):

From: (Gary Smith)
From: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
From: Dave Fetrow <>
From: stanley@OCE.ORST.EDU (John Stanley)
From: matt@uts.EDU.AU (Jas (Matthew K))
From: (Mark Owens)
From: Jason L Tibbitts III <>
From: (Perry Hutchison)
From: Phil Ritzenthaler <>
From: Lenny Turetsky <>
From: <>
From: pamela@jupiter.Legato.COM (Pamela Pledger)

My question was:

Sorry if this is a "rookie" question, but I've been looking through all the doc
I have been able to get my hands on regarding FTP . . . and have not found an

I would like to customize the 220 "server ready" message that is displayed
when connecting to an FTP server. I'm running Solaris 2.3, using the version
of FTP provided. Is it possible to customize that message (and if yes, can
someone point me in the right direction?!?!?!?). If not, can anyone tell me
where I can find a version of FTP that allows this?

Thanks very much for your help!


Cheryl L. Williams
Senior Systems Programmer, MIS
Time Warner Cable 303-799-5789 303-799-5531 (FAX)

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