SUMMARY:Sparc Purchase

From: Andrew F. Mitchell (
Date: Sat Jan 21 1995 - 00:43:59 CST

My original question was what could one expect to buy (in terms of a Sun
Workstation) for $15k. I tried to reply to each respondent, but as the
number of mail messages (and phone calls!) soared (currently in the
neighborhood of 50), I found myself unable to keep up. So I would like to
say thanks to all who replied. Your advice was invaluable. Here is a
general summary of what I was told:

(1) Get a low end Sparc20 with a little bit of memory and save up for more. (I
assume these messages came from those without educatinoal discounts)

(2) Get a Sparc20 model 51 or 61, a gig disk (or more) and at least 64megs RAM. THis
package comes in a little under 15k with current educatinoal discounts from Sun.

(3) Get a bunch (3 or so) refurbished Sparc5's, if upgrades are not going to be

(4) Buy one refurbished Sparc5 and send the system administrator to Europe for a
month. (This one came from me and was ignored by my boss - go figure ;-)

Thanks again. As always, the list came thru with flying colors.


Andrew F. Mitchell
Sys Admin UF MRI Lab phone 904.376.1611x5069

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