SUMMARY- resetting scsi id disks

From: Robert Tag (
Date: Fri Jan 20 1995 - 17:15:12 CST

To the community:

Thanks you all for your responses they were numerous and
all but one seemed helpful.
My original question>

 Hello gurus and guruettes:
> I need some quick help if at all possible.
> I have a user that needs to change the internal scsi id in
> his internal drive. The drive is a SEAGATE ST1480N
> typical 424 in Sparcs.
> There arer 2 available sets of pin jumpers.
> That of the set of 5 pin jumpers in rear and
> 8 on the side.
> The rear we have tried to change , to no avail, i believe
> that it might be scsi termination or something else.
> Does anybody know which set of jumpers will be able to be changed to
> change the scsi disk id as it is now.
The best and most answers pointed towards the automated SEAfax which
is an automated tech support for SEAGATE disks.
The phone number is 408-438-2620.

Thanks to;
Gerhard Lausser
Scott Stubbs
Mark Anderson
Michael S. Fischer
Valerie Lowe
Louis M. Brune
Frode Stromsvag

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