SUMMARY: revarp halts boot

From: Dr. D.C. Williams (
Date: Wed Jan 18 1995 - 20:17:29 CST

Greetings again:

With enough persistence and a sufficiently large hammer, even the
simplest of problems can be solved successfully. ;-)

The machine in question wouldn't boot from the net or its own
internal disk (as was its custom) despite much encouragement to
do so. One suggestion pointed to the /etc/hosts file, so I
booted from CD-ROM and saw that the file looked fine. I made a
"short" /etc/hosts to replace the previous longer version; all that
I included was the localhost entry and the IP address of the machine
itself. Lo and behold, it booted. I then copied the original (longer)
/etc/hosts file over the temporary (short) version and rebooted without
a problem. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for this behavior,
but I'm at a loss to offer one at this point. Anyway, the machine is
happy, and that makes me happy.

Many thanks to everyone who replied to date:

as well as anyone else whose offer of assistance crosses in the mail with
this summary.


The original message:

A normally well behaved machine running 4.1.3 now refuses to boot
and hangs with the message:

  revarp: Requesting Internet address for 0:0:6f:4:1:82

Trying to boot -s doesn't get past the error. BTW, this machine
is a print server for several others, and nothing will be printed
without it. I suspect that this is either a PROM related error, or
one of the boot config files was hosed.


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