SUMMARY: STOP-A on vt320

From: Ricardo Ruiz (
Date: Wed Jan 18 1995 - 05:18:48 CST

The original question was:

>We have a SPARC20 Server without a monitor or keyboard. Instead, we are
>using a vt320, in vt100 mode, and its keyboard plug to the ttya port.
>Does anybody know the equivalent key sequence on a vt terminal for
>STOP-A? Our system hung once and could not find a way to switch to prom.

The consensus is to use the BREAK key. This is the equivalent to using the
sequence STOP-A on a SPARC keyboard. Our problem was that the BREAK key
works only when the break setting in the Keyboard Setup Menu is set to
'break' Our vt320 was not behaving as expected because this value was set
to 'no break' on our vt terminal.

One person mentioned that turning off the vt terminal will also send you
to prom.

Thanks to the following people for replying to my original question and to
the others I'm sure will reply before this SUMMARY reaches everyone:

Michael A Leo <>
Quinlan, Grant W. <>
Daniel R. Bidwell <>
Robert D. Worsham <>
Yves Morin <Yves_Morin@BComeau.Hydro.Qc.CA>
David Weitzel <>
David Tsai <>
S. D. Raffensberger <>
Bob Halloran <>

And special thanks to "Leonid Kogan <>" for pointing
out the need of the 'break' setting.

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