SUMMARY: Mailtool alternatives

From: Andrew V. Kovalev (
Date: Wed Jan 18 1995 - 00:40:22 CST

The original question was:


SUN's OpenWindows mailtool has a lot of limitations and problems.
Does anyone use any other one that can understand SUN's attachment

I'd prefer a Motif-based program rather than XView, but anything
will do.


I got 10 replies.

Most people proposed exmh - a Tcl/Tk program that uses MH mail system. Exmh
can be found on

Two persons proposed Applixware Mailer from Applex.

Two people proposed Z-Mail from Z-Code. Unfortunately I still got no replies
to the message sent to, though it didn't bounced. I will try
a bit more.

One person proposed Ishmail ($99.0) from Hal Software (sp?) that can be found
at or I still haven't
downloaded it but will do Real Soon Now.

One person proposed a product named onGo, from Uniplex, Inc. It is available
for Motif and Windows.


Thanks to everyone who replied. When I'll evaluate the products mentioned I'll
try to make a summary.



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