SUMMARY: Window Dumps

Date: Sat Jan 14 1995 - 13:41:45 CST

Original Question:
> Hi all,
> Is there such a thing as a window dump FAQ? What we want to
> do is print a gray scale image, quality equivalent to xpr's
> gray scale 4, of a wide window i.e. the width of a screen or
> nearly the full width, to an HP Laserjet4 Plus. I'm assuming
> that printing lengthwise to A4 we should be able to print
> a 1280 pixel image. (1280 * 4 / 600 = 8.5 inches)
> Unfortunately xpr doesn't recognise the 600 DPI capability
> of the printer and we end up with a truncated image. Are there
> any third party/public domain utilities that could help?
> The tools need to be command line driven so they can be
> scripted. Or have I missed something already available
> on the system?
> OS is Solaris 2.3

I received a number of replies and a few me too's... suggested xwd2ps.tar.Z and sent me
a list of ftp sites, I ended getting mine from suggested the pbmplus suite of
utilities. This is available from any number of ftp sites and
is also included on the CD that comes with Unix Power Tools by
Jerry Peek,Tim O'Reilly and Mike Loukides.

I tried both of these. I ended up using a Solaris 1 version
of xwd2ps since my Solaris 2 imake was giving me grief!
Given the aspect ratios of the windows I'm printing I had to
force xwd2ps to print in landscape mode. It was slower than
the combination of xwdtopnm,pnmtops from pbmplus, but this is
noted as a bug/feature of the version I had.
The pbmplus utilities printed automatically in landscape,
however they did miss about 1/100th of the screen off the
bottom of a full screen dump :-) suggested xv and
Jeff Dorsz <> suggested snapshot. I knew of
these but they are both interactive and so didn't quite fit
into how we wanted to do things.

I think I got flamed as well... "Because they have a big brain, previously said:"....
Either that or they know me well :-)

Finally Dan Stromberg <> suggested
netpbm and pbmplus. I haven't tried netpbm yet but intend to
since Dan suggested that it has more facilities than

Thanks to you all,

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