SUMMARY: choosing the number of nsfd processes

From: Lenny Turetsky (
Date: Fri Jan 13 1995 - 23:50:30 CST

Well, the first response had a useable answer, so here it is:

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Date: Fri, 13 Jan 95 17:52:53 +0100
From: Jochen Bern <>
Subject: Re: choosing the number of nsfd processes

> > My question is whether there is any way to have a machine figure out
> > its number of exported disks in it's rc.local?

> > Figuring out the number of exported FSs is easy (wc -l <
> > /etc/exports), but the number of disks is a bit more difficult.
> [Bzzzzzt] You can export several Dir Trees from one FS. ;-)

Whoops! Mr. Bern is correct. What I meant to say was that figuring out
the number of exports (not exported FSes) is easy.

> > Has anyone devised a creative way of determining this? Mr. Stern?
> df `exportfs|sed -e 's/ .*//'`|grep '^/dev/'|sed -e 's/.* //'|sort -u|wc -l

This works. However (minor stuff):
        I'm not sure that the "sed -e 's/ .*//'" is perfectly correct.
                sed 's/-.*$//' seems better to me (what if a dirname
                has a space in it?).
        I also don't think that the grep for '^/dev/' is needed (you
                can only export local filesystems, right?) -- tail +2
                does the trick of removing the df heading.

I think the following may be a bit better (or, at least, cleaner):
        df `exportfs | sed 's/ -.*$//'` | tail +2 | sort -u | wc -l

> (You'll want to add Spaces around the '|', I trimmed them to shorten
> the Line for Mail)

Well, the cleaned up version was shorter, so I left the spaces in. ;->

All criticism aside (it was just minor stuff), Mr. Bern's solution is
very good, and I owe him my gratitude.


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