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Date: Fri Jan 13 1995 - 04:10:28 CST

First, for those who are interested in HIPPI, it is a high speed
parallel interface & network, first used (I believe) in high energy physics.

Speeds of up to 98 MBytes/sec ! are obtainable, but not with SPARCs as
the SBus is limited to 80 MB/s.

Naturally, CERN, has a WWW page devoted to it:


Arie van Praag stated:

Avaika announced but not shure or delivred
SCI slow but available
and Genroco just shipping the first boards.

and also
http:/ sent some text from a '92 Sun Flash

Here's something that blurpped across sunflash awhile back (1992).. YMMV

Subject: SBus/HIPPI High Performance Interface
Contact: Douglas Felder
Org: CHI Systems, Inc.
Mail: 5860 West Las Positas Boulevard, Suite 25
                Pleasanton, CA 94588
Tel: (800) 736-2322
                (510) 463-2322
Fax: (510) 463-2513

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