SUMMERY mounting problem

From: Vinay Kumar Gupta (
Date: Fri Jan 13 1995 - 19:10:26 CST

Hello ALL

Solution for the problem was /etc/dfs/dfstab file
but my ss2 was still mounting it as RO , then just
for the experiment i created a soft link to my /usr
area from the /export partition . Then i tried to
share that link. and oops when i mounted this link to
ss2 machine it was working in RW mode. Reason i don't
know please elaborate if somebody can.

Thanks to all who replied.
Respondent are Susan,Greg,Tim,Jorge,David,Jonh,Robert,


The Original Question was..
I am not able to mount a /usr partition from sparc classic
to SS-2 machine in READ WRITE MODE.After mounting the user
partition if one try to write something on it it says
readonly file system but mount shows a NFS "rw" file system.

I tried
mount earth:/usr /foo
mount -o nosuid,intr earth:/usr /foo

Sparc Classic is running SUNOS 5.3 and SS-2 is running
SUNOS 4.1.3,

Please tell me where i am wrong??
thanx in advancd..

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