SUMMARY: NIS Domain help reqd over Different Lans

From: Greg Jones (
Date: Thu Jan 12 1995 - 20:28:17 CST

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My origional question

> Dear Sun Managers
> I am trying to share the same domain over two IP Adresses either side
> of a Cisco router.
> Due to not being able to broadcast through the Cisco I am not able to
> use ypbind with the ypset option, so any help regarding how to do this would
> be very useful.
> The nice solution would be to setup a slave Server on the 2nd lan....
> Regards
> Greg Jones

Thank you to all for responding, I think that I maybe wasn't clear enough with
my question so I will try and outline it a bit more.....

The problem was not with setting up an NIS Client or Slave but with getting
the machine that was on the opposite side of the router to talk to the NIS Master due to the Router not forwarding Broadcasts.....

The answers which helped us most with the solution are below.

# 1
# Wed Jan 11 13:52:06 1995
From: Steve Young <>

        One way of handling this is to try using PROXY ARP, so that the
host that would be your slave appears to also be on the same subnet as
the first.

        Otherwise you could setup some scheme of two seperate NIS masters
one on each Subnet and rdist the files from your original master to the second
master... you could modify the /var/yp/Makefile to do the rdists and remote
makes so you wouldn't have to worry about things getting out of date.

There are a few other solutions.. another easy one would be if the two
nets were physically close two each other just attach a second interface
for the second NIS machine and allow it to sit directly on both nets and
build your slave that way.

# 2

>From Wed Jan 11 04:02:49 1995
From: "Frank 'Scruffy' Miller" <>

You can broadcast through a cisco (with a bit of adjustment for allowing
a udp broadcast for the right port), but it's best to set up a ypslave.

I have 2 slaves per subnet.


# Me Again

We didn't want to modify the Cisco itself as we felt that it was not a good idea to broadcast everywhere, as this was our Internet Gateway as well and they would
probably not want to see out routes etc....

The final solution was to create a Master Server on the 2nd lan by creating
the directories ourself /var/yp/domainname and copying all the files over
from the Master Server, I then started the daemons reqd and our New Master
burst into life.....

To keep both NIS Masters in sync I then edited the Makefile on the Old Master.
This will remain our only machine to edit the maps and I added a line for
each map which rcp's the files to the NEW Master...

Simple but works great...

Extract from Makefile


if [ ! $(NOPUSH) ]; then \
                        /usr/etc/yp/yppush passwd.byname; \
               /usr/etc/yp/yppush passwd.byuid; \
                        echo "pushed passwd"; \
#### My entries echo "updating $(NISERV2)"; \
#### /usr/ucb/rcp $(NISDIR)/passwd.* $(NISERV2):$(NISDIR)/; \ else \

Thanks to the following for their responses

Lisa Yvette Henry <>
"Frank 'Scruffy' Miller" <> (David St. Pierre) (Emile Bartole) (Jochen Bern) (Conrad Wace - London x4887)
Steve Young <> (Bismark Espinoza)
Anchi Zhang <> (Koen Peeters) (Robert H. Moyer)

Greg Jones

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