SUMMARY: Problems compiling XV

From: Stefan Huelswitt (
Date: Thu Jan 12 1995 - 02:37:32 CST

this is a cut down of my original question:

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afters installing NCSA mosaic we tried to install xv 3.00a to display JPEG
and GIF pictures. cc compiles all parts, but the linking process fails. Here
is the output from the make comand:

cc -o xv -O -L/usr/openwin/lib -I/usr/openwin/include -DHAVE_JPEG -Ijpeg
xvevent.o xvroot.o xvmisc.o xvimage.o xvcolor.o xvsmooth.o xv24to8.o
xvgif.o xvpm.o xvinfo.o xvctrl.o xvscrl.o xvalg.o xvgifwr.o xvdir.o
xvbutt.o xvpbm.o xvxbm.o xvgam.o xvbmp.o xvdial.o xvgraf.o xvsunras.o
xvjpeg.o xvps.o xvpopup.o xvdflt.o xvtiff.o xvtiffwr.o xvpds.o xvrle.o
xviris.o xvgrab.o vprintf.o xvbrowse.o xvtext.o xvpcx.o -lX11
jpeg/libjpeg.a tiff/libtiff.a -lm
ld: Undefined symbol
*** Error code 2
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target 'xv'

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I'm sorry for bothering the list with an unappropiate question.
Thanks to all the people who send suggestions. I received mails from:

raoul@MIT.EDU (Mattias Zhabinskiy 203-929-8810x251)
Richard Pieri <> (John Ellsworth) (Rob Vahsen) (Bernward Bretthauer)
Tom Orban <>
George Pallas <>
Joe Turner <>
Ray Brownrigg <>

Most people suggested that this is a problem with the setting of
LD_LIBRARY_PATH. We pre-pended our LD_LIBRARY_PATH wiht /usr/ucblib
and this fixes the problem.

Other people suggested to unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH or to install OpenWindows
JUMBO patch (was already installed), but this doesn't fixed the problem.

Another thanks.

  Stefan Huelswitt

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