SUMMARY: SPARCprinter kills jobs on out of paper

From: Mike Youngberg (
Date: Thu Jan 12 1995 - 05:16:29 CST

Sorry for the delayed summary, but here it is.

  1. cd to your spool directory and check the permissions on the status file.
      Make sure that they are 775 and owned by daemon, group daemon ...
      [This seemed to fix the problem for us.] [2 people suggested this.]

      Richard Fink had the following comment:

      Check the permissions on the /var/spool/<printer> files and the dir
      itself. We had this happen and it was caused by someone (with root
      permission) recreating the .status file. This caused the daemon to be
      unable to write the "Out of paper" message to it. Check the log file for
      something like ".status - Permission denied".

     Sun will tell you to reinstall the printer. This works because it resets
     the permissions (until someone touchs the file again).

  2. Nico Garcia had the following comment:

      I assume you are hinging the Printer off the Parallel port. This is a
      lose, for reasons that Sun can explain but is embarassed by. Get an
      HPLJ4m, put a NetJet card from Emulex on it, and have an Ethernet ready
      printer that can talk Ethertalk, TCP-IP, Novell, and act as an lpd daemon.
      I am very happy with this solution.

      As I understand it, the /dev/bpp0 parallel device is a one way port: it
      cannot read error messages from the printer, and discards them, which
      leads to the Sun not knowing to send the next page to the printer.

      [This didn't apply in my case since I'm using /dev/lpvi.]

  3. Robert Tag suggested the following:

      Try checking out the SPARCprinter software (NEWSPRINT), there should be
      something in the .params file that would allow you to get what you seek.


Original message:

SunOS 2.1.? on an IPX. When we lpr jobs to the SPARCprinter and it runs out
of paper the job does not resume with the next page to print. The user
has to restart the job from the beginning. How (can?) do I get the
SPARCprinter to behave and resume printing the job after the paper
tray has been refilled?

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