SUMMARY: How do I find out which patches I have installed?

From: Mike Youngberg (
Date: Thu Jan 12 1995 - 04:02:43 CST

Thanks for the prompt responses! I'll post another summary if different
solutions are available.

  1. You can do: [28 people suggested this.]
       showrev -p

    You need to have installed that patch information at the time the patches
    were installed in order for this to work.

    If you are on Solaris 1.X, you can run showrev -p, but unless you have
    manually updated the /etc/install/patch file after each patch, you will
    get nothing. [Thanks to steve.lee]

  3. On Solaris 2 you can look in /var/sadm/patch. [5 people suggested this.]

  4. You can do: [4 people suggested this.]
       installpatch -p
     This depends on your [patch] log files being correct. Apparently this
     method does checks different from showrev -p. This method only works
     if you have the contents of a patch still on the system.

  5. In SunOS 5.x you can use pkginfo. [1 person suggested this.]

  6. You can do [on SunOS 4]: [1 person suggested this.]
       touch /etc/install/{patch_number}
     to keep track.


  Arve Kjoelen <uunet!!kjoelena>


Original message:

> I need to find out which patches I have installed on my two systems.
> Is there a program that will list them for me?

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