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Date: Wed Jan 11 1995 - 23:50:46 CST

The following is the summary of responses received regarding my
question concerning newsreaders. Listed are sites for source then
the messages I received -- Kim Fabricius Storm provided the README for
nn. Send me mail if you wish to have a copy.
Thanks to all who responded - Judi Connelly
xvnews comp.sources.x
NetScape for gov sites
nn newsgroup:
>>>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 04:08 EST 1995
There's xvnews with an OpenWindows look-n-feel. Then there's xrn with
an Athena Widgets look-n-feel. And finally, there's GNUS for Emacs.
I use GNUS...

>>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 05:56 EST 1995
I use either mxrn (Motif X Read News) or NetScape (which is a WWW browser
with a very good News interface).
NetScape is at under /netscape/ and is free for you since you are
under gov domain :-)
Though I use it on a Dec Alpha under OSF/1 it should work of on a sun box
under Solaris 2.x
| Herve DEMARTHE %^) E-Mail: |

>>>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 06:09 EST 1995
nn works fine.

>>>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 06:12 EST 1995
Anyway, I use xrn (v6.17, I think; my current window manager doesn't
show the top border). It's compiled for NNTP usage, and works reasonably
well. I picked it because I'm expanding usage of News into a currently
PC-dominated market, and it's GUI-based, fairly easy for beginners to
use, and not *too* much of a problem for experts to use.

>>>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 06:30 EST 1995
 nn, trn, xrn, emacs gnus.
- Jorge Portugal Andrade

>>>>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 08:52 EST 1995
we use nn and like it very much. here's the README which does a much better
job of describing nn than I can:
We have an unmoderated news group dedicated to nn:
Kim Fabricius Storm

>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 03:17 EST 1995
Try xvnews. should carry last version, I hope...
Cyril Plisko

>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 09:56 EST 1995
r/tin is probably one of the best newsreaders out there. There's also trn,
a threaded version of rn; xvnews, a reader that uses the xview toolkit I'd
guess (I've never used it). My personal favorite is GNUS, part of GNU
Richard Pieri, IS/Networking

>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 10:39 EST 1995
We like tin and xvnews.
-- Eric William Burger -- --

>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 11:20 EST 1995
I currently use xvnews from comp.sources.x
The gui is very easy to use
John Marquis

>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 12:31 EST 1995
Stand-alone, PD: xvnews (XView based).
Best I have seen so far, but can still get better, Commercial: Netscape.

>>>>>>From Kenneth.Erickson@Eng.Sun.COM Thu Jan 5 12:43 EST 1995
A good ascii newsreader is 'trn'.
A good X newsreader is xvnews.
You should be able to locate either one with archie.

>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 14:05 EST 1995
If I understand you right??? NEWS, being inews or rnews
allows you a exec called RN which then gets you article by article
and newsgroup by news group.
I am not sure if that was what you are looking for,
or would you be talking about like a XMOSIAC or NETSCAPE
product that gives you a GUI interface.
Robert Tag

>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 14:07 EST 1995
i use xvnews, an xview news reader. it's kinda nice. i believe you can
get it via anon. ftp from in the /pub/tars directory.

>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 14:25 EST 1995
 How about trn, nn, GNUS (an emacs application) or even mosaic?
 -Dave Fetrow

>>>>>>From Thu Jan 5 15:41 EST 1995

>>>>>>>>From Fri Jan 6 14:01 EST 1995
You can try "rn", "trn", or my favorite, "nn" ("no news", as in "no news
is good news").

>>>>>>From, Mon Jan 9 04:50 EST 1995
You could try netscape!
I saw it briefly being used as a newsreader on the PC.
Looked good!
Point-and click type stuff.
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