Re: SUMMARY: Solaris 2.3 PPP problems.

From: Reuben Lam - PEACESAT Honolulu Computer Specialist (rlam@elele.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu)
Date: Tue Jan 10 1995 - 12:59:57 CST

I need help finding this patch. Does anyone have a public FTPsite for it?



Cengiz Akinli ( wrote:
: Actually, this isn't really a summary, but just a post if the cure.

: The problem:

: We have a single SS2 to act as our web & ftp servers and route some traffic
: to and from the Internet. It runs Solaris 2.3. Well, the PPP module that
: comes with that is screwy. So I descrewified it, with the approporiate
: patch (101425-04). Great!!! Now it connects!!! But, faithfully, after
: 30 or 40 seconds each time, it disconnects!

: The solution:

: Someone wrote me and told me that if the other side is using Morningstar
: PPP, that they need to set some switch for it to work with Solaris PPP.

: It was one of many suggestions, and since I didn't yet know the package on
: the other end, I noted it, and (evidently, since I can't find it) trashed
: the message.

: Well, meanwhile, someone reads over my logfile and says that I shouldn't
: be getting all these LQM (status report) packets. It's always an LQM
: packet that's the last thing received before the disconnect so these
: might be worth looking into.

: Meanwhile, I get one of the tech guys at the provider on the phone and
: ask him what PPP package they run. Guess.

: Morningstar, it is. Ooohhhh, now where's that email........ aaarrrrggghh!

: I can't find it!!!

: Luckily, when I told him that someone didn't think I should be getting all
: these LQM packets, he was able to figure out what option to set. He did,
: and now it works!

: SUMMARY: To get Solaris 2.4 PPP (or 2.3 w/ patch) to work correctly with
: Morningstar PPP, the Morningstar machine must have the "nolqm" option
: set.

: Hope this helps somebody.

: -Cengiz

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