SUMMARY: Sparc Storage Array or Andataco GigaRaid

From: Ralph C. Wolman (
Date: Tue Jan 10 1995 - 06:29:01 CST

Hi Sun Managers,

I've waited a while to summarize in hopes that I would get more
replies (I only got five). Here's my original request:

We are getting ready to purchase one of the above products
for disk storage. It's hard to get past the marketing hype
by both companies to see what the facts are.

If you have any experience using either of the above products
I'd like to hear from you. In general, I'd like to know:

1. Which product are you using?
2. How reliable has it been?
3. How difficult was installation?
4. How difficult has maintenance been?
5. Would you recommend the product at this point?

Thanks in advance for your time. I'll summarize in a few
days (but I'll keep your name/company out of the summary).

In summary, most responses (3 out of 5) had experience with
the Sparc Storage Array and all of those (3 out of 3) were
quite favorable. Only one person had experience with the
GigaRaid but it was positive. Another reply had positive
dealings with Andataco but hadn't used the GigaRaid.

Thanks to the five people who responded. I will not post
their names since the survey size was so small.


Ralph Wolman
Netrix Corporation voice: 703-793-1213
13595 Dulles Technology Drive fax: 703-713-3805
Herndon, VA. 22071

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