SUMMARY: tape-config-list for SDT 5000

From: Stefan Rauthenberg (
Date: Mon Jan 09 1995 - 04:57:22 CST

Hello Sun Managers,

last week I asked the following question:

> I am wondering if anybody out there has managed to hook up a Sony DAT drive
> SDT 5000 (DDS-2) to a solaris box and would be so kind to send me the
> drive's `tape-config-list'.

Unfortunately I received only one `metoo' and conclude that the drive is
obviously not very often used in Sun nets.

However, I am still interested in the following information in order to
tune/correct my experimental `tape-config-list':

- what's the meaning of the configuration switches? - what are the density control codes? e.g. the recommended tape-config-list for a HP C1533A contains 0x0 and 0x3 to control the density provided the drive is equipped with a fairly new firmware. Thanks to all who took the time and read the question. Stefan

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