Summary of responses - "Unrecognized vendor"

From: Ken Halliwel (
Date: Sat Jan 07 1995 - 01:57:14 CST

For all those who responded, many thanks.

Recap: Sun SPARC SLC, Toshiba 3401 CD-ROM drive, SunOS 4.1.3
       Error message: "Unrecognized vendor `Toshiba' on boot, but drive
         seemed to function correctly.

It was unanimous agreement: I can safely ignore the boot error message.

There are lots of these CD-ROM drives out there. They all work fine,
irrespective of the boot error message.

Sun has a look-up table of vendors for the various drivers and Toshiba
is not in the one for CD-ROM drives, hence the error "Unrecognized vendor."
But drive operation is not affected. This also applies to other drivers
and vendors as well.

Several people sent me the CD-ROM FAQ. It is very useful.

Again, thank you all for the help.

kenn halliwell

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